Sunday Magic Draft


Its a draft on Sunday

From 12:30 until 23:59

At BoardGame ParaDice

136 Trinity Street - Gainsborough - DN21 1JD

£15.50 - Pay on The Day

MAD Priests / Telephone: 01427652065

Sunday Magic Draft 

This is a "one time only" draft event using the Strixhaven  set and is limited to 6 places due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Social distancing will be in force, along with the wearing of face coverings. This following prizes will be awarded on the night:

1st place -  Strixhaven Collectors Booster

2nd place -  2 Strixhaven Boosters

3rd place - 1 Strixhaven Booster


There are 3 people coming.

Confirmed: MICHAEL KERRIGAN, Daniel Ponicke, Sean O’Connor

Registration is closed

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