About Us

Welcome to the website of BoardGame ParaDice – A shop dedicated to the World of Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40K and your local stockist for SteamForged Games titles such as GODTEAR & Resident Evil II.

We also stock more Magic than you can shake a stick (or wand) at, all of which can be viewed in advance on the Store page.

We also keep a whole range of other board games, trading cards & collectables.

Update: 5th November 2020
Once again into lockdown, which is scheduled to carry on until the 2nd December. After finally being able to open in June, I think we have run more than 50 events, not including the informal drop in sessions of Warhammer and Magic etc.

As mentioned on the Facebook page, we have re-launched the online store. Both click and collect along with delivery are available, and we will also be offering special discounts on various products during the lockdown period.

For the lockdown period we are offering 10% off the listed price of the following product categories:

Age of Sigmar

The offers can all be found Here:

We will be using the lockdown period to further improve the store, both front of house and behind the scenes. If you have any suggestions then please contact us using the Contact link below.

All our suppliers are working as usual at the moment, so we will keep you informed as the latest releases become available (MtG Legends for example). If you want something ordering, then just contact us.

Head over to our Contact page and get in touch.